Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Oxygen & Cookies && Static on my brain.

My brain's dead weight.
Guess writer's block is my fate.
If my life was a movie.
This scene would take the cake.
Text messages && phone calls.
An annoyance thats above all.
2 dollars in my pocket yeah im fuckin' broke.
But still you're nothin' compaired to me.
You were raised as a joke.
Sweat stains, window panes, novocain, and life.
Makes your neck jerk, your back hurt, sometimes its like a waste to try.
Notebooks, dirty looks, needles & ink to skin.
Rip it up, tear it out, im ready to dig in.
Spiders are haunting me, webs are trapping me.
&& i dont know where to begin.
Im laughing cause i think its funny.
I ran low now im out of oxygen.
Silver rings don't mean a thing.
If wearing it doesn't suit you.
It's so hard to feel something true.
If you don't.
And its so hard to say that you will.
When you know you won't.
And all the word's that come out when i sing.
I know they don't mean anything.